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TMNT – Donatello, Raphael Ninja Turtles Scripts

I’ve written or co-written all of these Ninja Turtle episodes. All these scripts are signed by me and my partner Ted Pedersen (those he co-wrote with me). All these scripts are spiral bound and have clear vinyl front cover with a black vinyl back cover. Also, please visit my other website, Cartoon Scripts. We usually ship via US Postal Service and Media mail domestically and for overseas shipment we ship via International First Class Mail. We usually charge $3.99 for domestic shipping.

9059-005 “Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers” – Signed script $19.95 Donatello and Rocksteady are kidnapped by aliens. Their captor is an alien kid who’s only having some fun.
The alien parents tell Donatello that the last time they visited, their son left one of his “toys” behind. Unfortunately, it’s now buried under the Nuclear Reactor at the University and if they do not retrieve it — bye-bye Earth!

9059-10 “The Fifth Turtle” – Signed script $19.95 Donatello and Raphael are challenged by a gang of young street punks. Suddenly, a kid in a Turtle costume appears, to defend Donatello and Raphael, but he falls flat on his face, allowing the real Turtles to dispatch the thugs. the kid, whose name is Zack, wants to help the Turtles fight crime, but Raphael tells him that he is more of a menace than a crime fighter. Zach manages to get in the way once more, but in the end helps out, and is awarded his own Turtle-Com and made an honorary Turtle.

9059-023 “Big MACC Attack”Signed script $19.95 April reports on a new super laser from the Army testing laboratory when a a dimensional portal opens. Out of the portal comes MACC— Mobile Armored Computerized Combatant —who quickly disables all weapons. The Turtles arrive at the lab to rescue April, learn that MACC is a “peacenik,” a warrior robot from 400 years in the future who doesn’t want to fight. Krang grabs MACC to force him to bring an army of his fellow robots through the Time Portal. MACC gets free of Krang’s control and the TMNT defeat Shredder, Krang, Rocksteady, Bebop and the Stone Warriors. The Turtles convince MACC to return to his own Dimension to become a “warrior for peace.”

9059-034 “Shredderville” – Signed script $19.95 The Turtles are discouraged when Shredder gets away yet again, so they begin to think that the world would be better off if they weren’t around. They wake up and discover that they’ve gotten their wish: they are in a world where no one has heard of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! And worse, the city—now named “Shredderville”—is in a sad state, and the Technodrome sits in the park! April and Irma are slaves of Bebop and Rocksteady, and the glum citizens are brainwashed into hating mutants. They learn from Krang that Shredder is the real ruler… poor Krang is just a harassed bureaucrat who can’t even handle running the city! As the Turtles confront Shredder, the Technodrome blows up – and they wake up to find it was all a dream!

9059-043 “The Great Boldini” – Signed script $19.95 The Turtles, Zach and his friend Caitlin visit the Museum where the Great Boldini, a magician, intends to make a valuable emerald disappear. The lights go off. When they come back on, Boldini is tied up and the emerald is missing. Boldini claims innocence. Guards close the doors, the Turtles are revealed and arrested. Zach and Caitlin learn that Boldini is working with crime lord Don Turtelli — they have the emerald! The kids grab the emerald, the Turtles break free of the police and save the day.

9060-068 “Michelangelo Toys Around” – Signed script $19.95 Michelangelo sneaks into a toy show. But he is spotted by Kevin, the spoiled son of the owner of Tyler Toys, who calls him the “Michelangelo Toy.” Tyler’s chief inventor, Wilbur Weazell, reprograms the company’s newest toy, the “Tyranno-toy” to attack and destroy, so Weazell can take over the company. Aprilsees Kevin taking Michelangelo back to his estate and notifies the Turtles. The Turtles arrive, run into Weazell and are attacked by the Tyranno-Toys. Meanwhile, Michaelangelo and Kevin are at the Tyler estate trying to escape from Weazell’s assistant. Weazell arrives and activates more toys to attack the two. The Turtles, having followed Weazell to the estate, battle it out with the toys and capture Weazell and his goons, stopping him from going through with his plan.

9060-070 “Shredder’s Mother” – Signed script $19.95 Krang and Shredder set up a massive orbiting mirror in Dimension X that bathes the Earth in steaming heat. The extensive heat causes the ice caps to begin melting and evaporates the world’s water supply. Shredder’s mother, Miyoko, hears about her son’s plan from her retirement home for villains and decides to join him, making his life a living hell. The Turtles go to Dimension X and destroy the mirror. Shredder, getting tired of his mother treating him like a baby, transports her back to the retirement home.

9060-079 “Superhero for a Day” – Signed script $19.95 Krang sends Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady to the city’s power plants, planning to use the energy to raise the Technodrome. April alerts the Turtles to Shredder’s appearance and they set off. On their way, they run into Gadgetman, an over-the-hill super hero, who is trying to make a comeback by rescuing kids from a bus. He blows it, putting the kids in jeopardy, but the Turtles save the kids, telling Gadgetman to stay out of the way. Krang decides to use Gadgetman to distract the Turtles. Shredder stages a bank hold up, which makes Gadgetman look like a hero to the public. The Turtles realize that the hold up was a distraction and hurry to the power plant. Shedder is waiting for them and captures them. April gets there just in time to rescue them before the plant blows up. the Turtles figure out Krang’s plan, and track Shredder to the last power plant. When they arrive, they discover that Shredder has already begun to drain the energy from the city and started to transport it to the Technodrome. Gadgetman realizes that he’s been fooled. He arrives at the plant in time to help the Turtles foil Krang’s plan.

9061-022 “What’s Michelangelo Good For?” – Signed script $19.95 At the zoo, Michelangelo gets Pete, his pet pigeon, checked ot by the vet, Dr. Jane Goodfellow. Elsewhere, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael get nabbed by robots. The robots take the TMNT to an island. They are greeted by Dr. Lesseau, a scientist who is experimenting on animals he’s stolen from the zoo to create a super-animal.. and Lesseau wants the Turtles for their brains. Michaelngelo discovers his bufds missing, and. with Pete’s help, learns of their capture. Michelangelo & Drf. Goodfellow go to the island. Dodging Dr. Lesseau’s booby traps, Michelanglo, Pete and Dr. Goodfellow arrive at the island, reach the doctor’s lab just as he’s about to do awful things to the other Turtles. Dr. Lesseau orders his animals to attack the Turtles, but the animals turn on the doctor and capture him. Donatello uses Dr. Lesseau’s mutator laser to turn all the animals back to normal and return them to the zoo.

9061-026 “Splinter Vanishes” – Signed script $19.95 Splinter is gone! The Turtles find a videotape in which Splinter explains to the Turtles that he has taught them all he knows and now it is time for them to be on their own. Michaelangelo gets his own cooking show, Leonardo works at a fitness center, Raphael performs at birthday parties and Donatello works in a fix-it shop. The Rat King plots with Leatherhead to take over the city. But Leatherhead wants to find the Turtles and get rid of them once and for all. Soon all but Leo are captured. April discovers the plot and, following Leatherhead to the hideout, is captured… but suddenly Splinter arrives and saves her! To the villains’ surprise, Leonardo arrives and frees the other Turtles. With the Turtles reunited and Splinter by their side, they defeat the villains. Splinter tells the Turtles that he left them because he sensed trouble from the Rat King and Leatherhead, and if he could trick them into believing that the Turtles had gone their separate ways, it would bring the villains out into the open.

9062-09A “Muckman Messes Up” – Signed script $19.95 Krang learns of an anti-mutagen that Krang believes will turn the Turtles into baby Turtles. Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop search a lab for the compound, throwing a barrel of chemicals out the window. It covers two unsuspecting Garbage Men, who mutate into weird creatures, Muckman and Joe Eyeball. The TMNT arrives and the bad guys leave, but Muckman and Joe Eyeball blame the Turtles for their condition. April and Irma confront the garbage men. The Turtles arrive but are weakened by the mutagen and can’t save the girls. Muckman and Joe Eyball have teamed up with Shredder, Rocksteady and Bebop. As soon as Muckman and Joe Eyeball get close, the Turtles collapse. Splinter is taken prisoner by Shredder who takes him to the Technodrome. April and Irma prove to the garbagemen that it was Rocksteady and Bebop who are to blame for their mutation. Muckman & Joe help the Turtles rescue Splinter & wreck the Technodrome.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The “lost” European episodes

These two episodes were part of a thirteen-episode season originally done for European TV. They were later shown in the US, but the show numbers reflect the 1989 season.

9059-058 “Shredder’s New Sword” – Signed script $19.95 At London’s British Museum, the Turtles and Splinter study a portrait of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere and the Knights of the Round Table. In Dimension X, Krang is using a long-range scanner and discovers a rare metal buried in a ruined castle in England. The metal turns out to be King Arthur’s legendary sword, Excalibur. Shredder arrives in England and grabs the sword, which has the ability to raise ancient knights, and transform modern England into medieval England. When Shredder realizes its powers, he decides to forget Krang and rule England himself. The power of the sword stops the Turtles at every turn, and April and Irma are captured by the mutants, Shredder deciding to make April his queen. The final battle takes place at the ruined castle of Camelot, with the Turtles dueling with Shredder and the mutants in a medieval tournament. The spirits of Arthur and Guinevere rise and the Turtles defeat Shredder, returning Arthur’s sword to him.

9059-062 “Northern Lights Out”Signed script $19.95 A descendant of the Viking raiders, Eric Red, seizes both April and Professor Swenson’s map to the underground volcanos in Scandinavia. He plans to tap into the molten energy, melt the polar ice cap and flood the world’s coastal cities, making them easy prey for his wanna-be Vikings. The Turtles battle Eric’s “Hammer of Thor,” fight a mechanical sea serpent and stop the guy before he blows up the volcanoes.


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