Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – “The Legend of Koji”

Samurai General, from "The Legend of Koji"

The Shredder has a new plan, now! He wants to uproot the master of foot clan. He uses his time-machine to move back to 1583 to fight and defeat Hamato Koji. Koji is the great ancestor of Splinter – the Ninja masters of the Turtles. Without the Splinters teachings the Quadra-Turtles will remain as normal turtles and can never become Ninja warriors! All Shredder has to do is to defeat and kill Hamato Koji so that Splinter can never be born. Will he succeed? Will original Ninja Turtles defend Shredder in this mission? What is the game plan? Let’s have the outcome through the series of TMNT – “The Legend of Koji.”

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