Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – “Night of the Dark Turtle”

TMNT - Robotic stegosaurus from "Night of the Dark Turtle"

After being electrocuted, Donatello transforms to a Dark Turtle. An alien race of Triceratons has landed on earth to invade the civilization. The arch-rival Shredder is all set to make his most powerful weapon against the Ninja Turtles, who have one of their strongest partners converted into a Dark Super Hero. Will Shredder succeed? Will his mini-blaster blast off the Turtles? Will the earth be saved from the star gate? Look in our original artworks of 156th episode of TMNT for the answer.

Interesting Factoid:

The Triceratons were characters from the original ninja turtles comic books. Only a few of the original characters made it into the original series.

Unsolicited Testimonial:

I love this set of color tmnt model sheets! I hope you will release more as I’d love to have all of the characters for my archives and to help me make the best custom action figures that I can.
Thank you so much for making these available!
—Vaughn M.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – “Night of the Rogues”

The Shredder is up again. But this time with a powerful team that is too heavy for the Ninja Turtles. Shredder has united all the evil forces of Scumbug, Leatherhead, Antrax, The Rat King, Tempestra, Chrome Dome, and Slash to form a team to demolish the powers and existence of TMN Turtles. Get the best feel of this collector’s edition of Turtle Artwork of the 161stepisode of TMNT with us. You can also ask for a re-print of original episode script from us!


Scumbug - one of the gang of mutants attacking the Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cartoon Artwork – “Revenge of the Fly”

This episode was produced in 1993, after I’d left the show. Fans will like to see a sample or two of the original ninja turtle artwork.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Revenge of the fly

TMNT - Revenge of the Fly - April as a wasp

This time Shredder is not the only villain for the Turtles. Baxtor Stockman steals the Retro-Mutagen Ray Gun from the Shredder and steals the essences of arachnids as well as insects from the Genetic lab. Using the Mutagen Ray Gun and special fire-extinguisher 2000 Baxter and his alien computer starts mutating humans to various gigantic insects and arachnids. It’s a horrible situation, when these gigantic insects and arachnids start destroying everything that coming in their way. The turtles have to take action and save the planet as well as change the mutants to their original forms. Will they succeed? Let’s see the original artworks of this 1993 episode of Teenage Mutant Turtle Ninjas!

TMNT - Revenge of the Fly - Irma as a moth

TMNT - Revenge of the Fly - Irma as a moth

Click here to buy a high-quality Adobe Acrobat document with all twenty-three color model sheets. You can also get a free sample.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The Nickelodeon edition

I’ve watched 3 episodes of this third version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show. On the plus side, it’s better than the 2nd cartoon version. And it’s waay better than the live action series (ugh!). Altho’ I’m a fan of hand-drawn animation, this CGI show looks good. The voice actors (Rob Paulsen, Mae Whitman especially) do a good job.

I won’t mention the movies.

On the minus side — and I’m clearly biased — it’s just not as good as the first version (my show).

I know, I know: this show goes back to the Turtles’ origins, when they were still coming together as a team. I know: this version focuses on the “teenage” part of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so of course they’re dissing each other. And of course the Turtles spend more time fighting each other. It’s what kids do, right?

But criminey! April’s been captured by “the Krang” (and that’s another thing!) for two episodes and the Turtles are battling each other, giant plants and spiders?

Since I’ve started selling Ninja Turtle scripts, I’ve had the chance to go back and read the ones I wrote, as well as others. They’re more fun. Instead of cel animation being a limitation, it gave room for writers to make the dialog funnier. Banter beats bashing, in my book.

And the first show had a layer of story mostly for the grownups. Parents would come up to me at conventions and panels and tell me that they sat down with their kids to watch, expecting to be bored, and instead found themselves laughing out loud. The kids might not get the “adult” references, but they still made the show a phenomenon.

I’m a big fan of “breaking the fourth wall” (having the characters talk to the audience, or comment on the fact they’re in a cartoon), and the first TMNT used to do that a lot. This version? Not a bit.

Just one more thing: “the Krang.” They’re just robots. I bet we’ll get none of the great relationship between Shredder and Krang that was a feature of the 1987-2006 TMNT.

I’m beginning to think I’m starting to sound like the geezer yelling: “Hey you kids! Get off my TV!” So I’ll quit.


PowerCon – for fans of He-Man, She-Ra & Thunder Cats

Just to let you know I’ll be at the 2nd annual PowerCon this weekend. Last year’s event was great fun. This year — at a bigger venue (the Marriott in Torrance, CA — and more stuff to see.
Here’s the info:
Sat, Sept 22nd 10am – 6pm & Sun, Sept 23rd 10am – 5pm
Marriott South Bay in Torrance, CA

I’m on She-Ra & He-Man panels both days, and will be manning my booth, where I’ll have for sale autographed scripts from both shows as well as others, Ninja Turtle artwork and promotional posters.

Drop by and say hello.

Art Info

I had a complaint from a buyer that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle model pack was not original ninja turtle artwork. Although my eBay ad lists all my items as “Reproductions,” I didn’t make that clear in my listings here. For those who were expecting original art, forget about it. If originals even exist any more (and aside from maybe some animators’ collections, they don’t), they’d be worth $100s if not $1000s. What makes these so rare is that no one else has them. So if you are a TMNT fan (and who isn’t?), these  are great items from an unforgettable show.

Here I am at ComicCon

Saw a 6 foot tall GUY dressed as Princess Leia; 8 Ghostbusters; a 5 foot tall Wookie; a dozen or so serious people with signs like “REPENT!” “HUMBLE YOURSELF BEFORE THE LORD” and Bible verses. Only one had a megaphone. Will get some photos up.

Been handing out postcards about this website. The best location is around the Nickelodeon booth where’s a big promotion about the new TMNT show airing this fall.


Comic-Con, anyone?

I’ll be in San Diego for the annual Comic-Con geekfest this week. I’m promoting this new site and my one year old site Cartoon Scripts. Maybe I’ll see you there. I’m wearing my official cartoon writer costume of baseball cap, Hawaiian shirt and shorts. That should narrow it down to about 40,000 people. Also will be at Saturday morning’s Animation Writers Caucus panel, and the AWC reception Saturday night.