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A few of you have asked for my scripts and artwork without having to cough up the big buck$. I’m not offended; times are tough. Food costs money. So I’m making available ALL the scripts — and production art — I have for sale as PDF downloads. Scripts are only $9.95 each; artwork varies, but they’re all great deals you won’t find anywhere else.

Click here for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Production Art

“The 5th Turtle”

ONLY $9.95 

“The Great Boldini”

ONLY $9.95 

“The Big MACC Attack”

ONLY $9.95 

“Shredder’s Mother”

ONLY $9.95 

“Muckman Messes Up”

ONLY $9.95 

“Shredder’s New Sword”

ONLY $9.95 

“Northern Lights Out”

ONLY $9.95 


ONLY $9.95 

“Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers”

ONLY $9.95  

“Superhero For A Day”

ONLY $9.95  

“Michelangelo Toys Around”

ONLY $9.95  

“Splinter Vanishes”

ONLY $9.95  

“What’s Michelangelo Good For?”

ONLY $9.95  

See what you’ve ordered here

NEW! TMNT Production Art!


Model packs are high-res scanned images of original characters and props featured in the show. Our Main Model Pack consists of 83 pages of black & white and 3 pages of color artwork, scanned from the original TMNT production drawings. This Model Pack features the entire original Mutant Ninja Turtle cast, vehicles, props and weapons. Only $9.95.

Here are twenty-four pages (including cover) of character models from various episodes from the ’93 and ’94 seasons. Images include mutant April, Irma and Burne; Scumbug, a Triceraton; and others. Download the PDF for only $6.99!


TMNT Color Backgrounds

color_bgs_for_download_adThese are 38 hi-res background images, used in the animation of several Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle episodes, including “Get Shredder,” “Enter Krakus,” “A Turtle In Time,” and “Mobster From Dimension X.” Another downloadable PDF for only $8.95.

TMNT Storyboards

I’ve got two partial storyboards. Wish I had more! “”Wrath of Medusa,” and “Unknown Ninja,” both from Season 9, each only $6.99!

“Wrath of Medusa”


“Unknown Ninja”



9 thoughts on “TMNT Downloads

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  4. Hello..
    I would like to purchase the main model pack, color model cels and the backgrounds there a way to do all 3 as a combo or do I have to do all of them separately? Thanks!

  5. Hi there,

    I thought you’d find it interesting and appreciate it. I have a total of 70 model cells of characters and props from the first couple of seasons, as well as 3 original paintings of backgrounds used in the show, 2 of which are even in the first episode. I got them from a guy who worked on the show for a long time and knew I was a big ninja turtle fan. Anyway, I thought you might be interested and want to see some photos I took of them. With the new movie coming out, I started wondering if anyone else had similar stuff, and came across your site.
    Well, let me know if you’re interested. Cowabunga!

    • Hi Luke,
      If you’d like to post pictures of your collection, let me know. I’m guessing they aren’t for sale, but TMNT fans might like to see them.

      • Yeah, not for sale, but I could send you some pics I’ve taken of them so people can check them out. Let me know.

        • Hi Luke,
          If you’ve got pix of the cels, model sheets on your site, maybe we could swap links. I’m sure fans would be interested.

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