Email from a fan

Got this very nice email the other day. It makes me happy to know that writers are visiting my website,

By day, I am a billing accountant for an engineering company. By night, I write screenplays with my partner in crime (my wife) – and apparently I’m also an avid cartoon watcher/collector, coming as a surprise to myself; but my wife tells me the DVDs on my shelf make the truth plain and simple.

On the weekends, we watch cartoons to cereal, eat lunch over a movie, and work on our screenplays after dinner.

So upon discovering that you worked on so many of my favorite TV shows as a kid – AND the fact that you are a writer…

Dude. You’re my freaking hero haha!

Forgive me if this e-mail sounds too “fan-mail” for its own good, but I just wanted to say thanks for your work. It influenced my childhood, immensely.

And secondly, it’s inspiring to read what you have to say about writing. I’ve spent years using my time after work to scribble down stories from my head, culminating into two uncompleted screenplays and one finished one (that my wife and I are still in the process of editing), so the idea of someday being able to at least be mentally satisfied with them, let alone share them publicly, is truly remarkable to me. It’s inspiring to see how you have done so in your career and even affected my childhood in the process.

I look forward to keeping up with your blog as you journey on with your book!

PS: Wicked idea, selling those cartoon screenplays. That is actually how I stumbled upon you. I’ll definitely be picking one up to give to my wife as a gift at some point.

If you think this is kind of egotistical, you’re absolutely right.

TMNT’s “Fith Turtle” episode interview

As very few know, my episode, titled “The Fifth Turtle” for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was voted on the IGN.COM fan site as the best of all 193 episodes of the original series.

Here’s the link: Top Turtle.

As even fewer of you know, Adam and Kevin recorded an interview with me about the episode and my work on Ninja Turtles, which you can find here:

The audio is not broadcast quality, but we had a good time.


The Fifth Turtle hits the big time

I just learned that the first episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I ever wrote, “The Fifth Turtle,” was voted the best of all the TMNT shows on You can see the list here. IGN failed to list the writers, though. As a public service, here they are:

“The Case of The Killer Pizzas” Doug Booth; “Get Shredder!” David Wise; “Casey Jones – Outlaw Hero” David Wise; “Corporate Raiders from Dimension X” David Wise ; “Turtle Trek” David Wise;

David Wise & Patti Howeth wrote “Shredder Splintered” & “A Thing About Mouser.” David was solo writer on “Usagi Yojimbo.” Jeff Scott wrote the final episode, “Divide and Conquer.”


And yours truly wrote “The Fifth Turtle.”

Considering the award, it seems useful to credit the creators, just so people don’t think the actors make up the dialog as they record.