The Fifth Turtle hits the big time

I just learned that the first episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I ever wrote, “The Fifth Turtle,” was voted the best of all the TMNT shows on You can see the list here. IGN failed to list the writers, though. As a public service, here they are:

“The Case of The Killer Pizzas” Doug Booth; “Get Shredder!” David Wise; “Casey Jones – Outlaw Hero” David Wise; “Corporate Raiders from Dimension X” David Wise ; “Turtle Trek” David Wise;

David Wise & Patti Howeth wrote “Shredder Splintered” & “A Thing About Mouser.” David was solo writer on “Usagi Yojimbo.” Jeff Scott wrote the final episode, “Divide and Conquer.”


And yours truly wrote “The Fifth Turtle.”

Considering the award, it seems useful to credit the creators, just so people don’t think the actors make up the dialog as they record.

Comic-Con 2014

10513440_10152282835158437_8152173952685730638_n[1]As usual, both fun and frustrating. I’d resolved never, NEVER to wait in line for the big ticket panels and screenings that fill up anyway. But the 30th anniversary TMNT panel caught my eye, so I got in line. The doors opened, the line started moving. Getting closer, closer…
Then the line made a U-turn. I cursed my luck. The actors and others will have to see me later.
The crowds were worse than ever. Used to be (the good old days of Comic-Con), Sundays on the floor were the least crowded. The big events were over. But not so this year. Some aisles were so jammed you had10431530_10152287432223437_8228661984318862226_n[1] to just stand there, squished from all sides, waiting for something to move.
That said, I attended a couple of interesting panels and saw a few old friends from the Writers Guild Animation Writers Caucus.
And bought a few comic books.
10553400_10152284175938437_3281230672012909230_n[1] 10447830_10152287426718437_8373333515673063288_n[1]