Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – “Night of the Rogues”

The Shredder is up again. But this time with a powerful team that is too heavy for the Ninja Turtles. Shredder has united all the evil forces of Scumbug, Leatherhead, Antrax, The Rat King, Tempestra, Chrome Dome, and Slash to form a team to demolish the powers and existence of TMN Turtles. Get the best feel of this collector’s edition of Turtle Artwork of the 161stepisode of TMNT with us. You can also ask for a re-print of original episode script from us!


Scumbug - one of the gang of mutants attacking the Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cartoon Artwork – “Revenge of the Fly”

This episode was produced in 1993, after I’d left the show. Fans will like to see a sample or two of the original ninja turtle artwork.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Revenge of the fly

TMNT - Revenge of the Fly - April as a wasp

This time Shredder is not the only villain for the Turtles. Baxtor Stockman steals the Retro-Mutagen Ray Gun from the Shredder and steals the essences of arachnids as well as insects from the Genetic lab. Using the Mutagen Ray Gun and special fire-extinguisher 2000 Baxter and his alien computer starts mutating humans to various gigantic insects and arachnids. It’s a horrible situation, when these gigantic insects and arachnids start destroying everything that coming in their way. The turtles have to take action and save the planet as well as change the mutants to their original forms. Will they succeed? Let’s see the original artworks of this 1993 episode of Teenage Mutant Turtle Ninjas!

TMNT - Revenge of the Fly - Irma as a moth

TMNT - Revenge of the Fly - Irma as a moth

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