Here I am at ComicCon

Saw a 6 foot tall GUY dressed as Princess Leia; 8 Ghostbusters; a 5 foot tall Wookie; a dozen or so serious people with signs like “REPENT!” “HUMBLE YOURSELF BEFORE THE LORD” and Bible verses. Only one had a megaphone. Will get some photos up.

Been handing out postcards about this website. The best location is around the Nickelodeon booth where’s a big promotion about the new TMNT show airing this fall.


Comic-Con, anyone?

I’ll be in San Diego for the annual Comic-Con geekfest this week. I’m promoting this new site and my one year old site Cartoon Scripts. Maybe I’ll see you there. I’m wearing my official cartoon writer costume of baseball cap, Hawaiian shirt and shorts. That should narrow it down to about 40,000 people. Also will be at Saturday morning’s Animation Writers Caucus panel, and the AWC reception Saturday night.